There is a varied programme each day. The group can choose how much the scouts participate in. The programme is included in the calendar below.
If there's no programme you can visit drop in activities, other groups or the camp square.

Preparations: Activities to get ready for camp!

Build a glider

Monday 4 July we will hold a glider competition. We recommend scouts to spend one or two meetings before camp to design, get materials and build their glider. If you can't build one ahead of camp there will be simple materials to build with at camp. You'll have two hours to build your glider at camp.

There will be prizes for the glider that flies furthest and the glider with the best looks


  • The glider cannot have a motor

  • The wingspan has to be between 25 and 60 cm

  • The glider cannot weigh more than 250 grams

  • The glider has to be thrown by hand

Tips and tricks

Using the internet and YouTube to find guides, inspiration and building methods is a good idea. Doing a few trial throws before the competition will help you check the stability and flight before the competition.

Camp square

Servicetorget: Here you can ask any questions about camp and they will help you. Open 8:00-19:00.

Post office: Open 11:00-19:00. The post office is inside the museum tent.

Global tent: Drop in activities. Open 11:00-18:00.

Camp church: Morning prayers at 8:00 and evening prayers at 22:45. Open 8:00-23:00.

Kiosks: Opening times to be confirmed.

Cafe tent: Open 11:00-21:00

Påvirkningsteltet: The influence tent, take part in activities, make your own badge and go on a treasure hunt. Open Sunday-Friday 11:00-18:45.

Leader tent: Open for activities. There is lederkro - an evening cafe - Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 21:00.

The Scout shop: Open Sunday 12:00-19:00 and Monday to Friday 9:00-19:00.

The Scout museum: Open Sunday 12:00-19:00, Monday to Friday 11:00-19:00.


We want all scouts to participate in the hike at Gnist. The hike is a traditional jamboree activity in Norway. Patrols leave the campsite for one night, following a map to get to their destination. Usually leaders stay behind on camp, but please get in touch if the whole group would like to do the hike.


There are four difficulties on hiking routes.

  • Very easy: 5 - 8km following a marked path or road. 5 - 50m elevation.

  • Easy: 8 - 12km following a marked path. 50 - 300m elevation and easy terrain in the forest and mountain.

  • Medium: 8 - 12km following a marked path. 150 - 500m elevation in partially challenging forest and mountain terrain.

  • Challenging: 10 - 15km following a partially marked path. 400 - 700m elevation in challenging mountain terrain.

Activities to prepare

  • Practice orienteering, map and compass skills

  • Take a day trip or overnight trip using your own map

  • Practice packing your backpack

  • Make a list of patrol equipment you need

Scouts Own

On Sunday at 11:00, each group will have their own Scouts Own. The groups will get an envelope with the programme for the Scouts Own.

Drop in activities

The climbing tower is open: Human fussball is open 11-17:45 Disc golf is open 11-17:45

Sunday 12-16
Monday 12-16
Tuesday 13-16
Wednesday 13-16
Thursday 13-16
Friday 12-14

Pride celebrations - Scouting for all

On Monday there will be a pride event to celebrate the diversity in scouting. The celebration will take place at the camp square. There will be cake and a few short speeches.


There is a dodgeball tournament for scouts age 10-15. Each team has 6-10 scouts and 1 referee. To sign up, fill out this online form or get help at Servicetorget. The tournament starts Sunday at 9:30.

For Rovers age 16-25 there is a volleyball tournament. Sign up using this form or get help at Servicetorget by Saturday at 21:00.

Globaldag - Global day

The last day at Gnist is our global day. Globaldag is about understanding the injustices in the world and learning what we can do to change them. We are going to light the spark for global engagement through the global market and the global race. All money raised goes towards KFUK-KFUM Global's projects and scouting in Tanzania.

Globalmarked - The Global Market

Each group raises money by having their own stand where they can sell products or services. You can for example sell food, braid hair, give massages or throw sponges at scouts, anything you can think of!

Globalløp - The Global Race

During the global race scouts run to raise money for KFUK-KFUM Global. Find sponsors ahead of the race and ask them to sponsor you for either participating or per lap you run.

If you want, you can run in a costume, tied to another scout, do the race on all fours, anything you want!

There will be prizes after the race.

Foto: Lars Røraas

Programme for leaders

There will be excursions for leaders, as well as lederkro - a space for leaders to sit and chat, drink coffee, eat waffles and more.

On Tuesday there will be a leader hike to Uburen. It will take 5-6 hours. There is no need to sign up, just be at the leader tent by 14:00 ready to go.

On Wednesday there is a cruise on Lysefjorden. It will last from 14:00 to 17:00. It is free, but you need to sign up at Servicetorget before Sunday.

Leaders are also welcome to visit activities at camp such as the scout museum, the global tent and the café.

Please note that alcohol is strictly forbidden at the camp.

Programme for rovers (15-25-year-olds)

There will be lots of activities for rovers/explorers.

Roverkro - Rover evenings

Roverkro is an evening activity for all rovers where you can sit with your friends, enjoy a hot drink and meet new friends. It's like a late night cafe with entertainment. There are three rover evenings with three different themes.

Saturday - Old person's bingo night. There will be coffee and snacks. Attire: as old as you can, 90+ is preferred.

Monday - Children's birthday. Everything you'd expect at a 10-year-old's birthday party. Attire: Colourful.

Friday - Showtime. Do you have a hidden talent or maybe no talent you want to show off? Anything goes here! Attire: Glitz and glam.

Volleyball tournament

On Sunday you can compete to become camp volleyball champions. Gather a team and sign up at the café tent.

Roveromsorg - Rover lounge

The rover lounge has its own place, located slightly away from the camp site. It's only open after activities are done for the day. All rovers who want to be awake when the rest of the camp is asleep are very welcome. There will be night cinema, chill, games, waffles, hot chocolate, and lots more.

Night maneuver

Night maneuvers are a XXXXXXXXX for rovers XXXXXXXXXX. The details of the event are secret. You show up at XXXXXXXXX about XXXXXXXXXXX after XXXXXXXXX. There you will be XXXXXXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXXX a number XXXXXXXXXXXXX. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX address XXXXXXXXXXXX, creativity, XXXXXXXXXXXX, and water-XXXXXXXX. Wear good clothes and XXXXXXXXX footwear, a headlamp is also XXXXXXXXXXX. Last but not least, XXXXXXXXX is of most importance.