How do we get to the campsite?

Each group is responsible for making their way to Stavanger or Sola airport. From there, the jamboree will organise transport. There will be buses running from Stavanger Bussterminal (bus station), Stavanger togstasjon (train station) and Sola airport. The bus will cost 100 NOK per person.

There will be space to park buses close to the campsite.

Places on jamboree transport must be booked by April 1. Contact gnist.logistikk@kmspeider.no to book transport or for any transport related questions.

How many leaders does each group need to have?

Each group needs to have at least one adult leader present at all times. We recommend at least one leader per ten scouts.

Can leaders bring their young children?

Leaders can bring their children that are under 10-years-old. There will be some activities for younger children. Children under 6 need to have an adult present at activities.

Can we buy gas for cooking at camp?

Yes, Speiderbutikken - the scout shop - will be selling gas.

Can we buy ropes for pioneering at camp?

Speiderbutikken - the scout shop - will not have much rope available, so we recommend buying this before arriving at camp.

Norwegian scouts love pioneering and some spend the entire camp building great constructions.

Where can we charge our phones?

Servicetorget - the service tent - will have a charging container available where you can charge phones and power banks. We recommend that the group brings a charging box, which can look like this.

Can we get funding for participation fee?

Yes, you can apply for our participant fund and/or our kit fund. You can find more information about it here.

What is the camp address?

The camp site is by Forsand skule, Espedalsvegen 156, 4110 Forsand, Norway.

Can I buy sanitary items at camp?

Yes, in the big kiosk there will be sanitary products such as pads and tampons available.

Do I get a badge?

Yes, badges will be handed out at arrival. There will also be activities during camp where you can collect log shaped badges to go underneath the flame shaped camp badge.

How can I pay at camp?

We strongly recommend paying by card, but there are kiosks and shops that also take cash.

Can I help out during the camp?

Yes, if you have extra time we would love your help!

You can fill out this form (it's in Norwegian, use Google Translate or ask Servicetorget for help) to let us know when you can help and what you can do.