Gnist 2022

The YWCA-YMCA Guides and Scouts of Norway holds its national jamboree every four years. It is our biggest event where thousands of scouts from all over Norway, as well as international scouts, come together for a week over the summer holidays. We build the campsite together, sleep in tents, take part in activities, have campfires, go hiking, hold Scout's Own and a whole lot more. The jamboree is the perfect place to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

This year’s jamboree is called Gnist, which means spark. One tiny spark can be the start of something great, and we hope you will bring your spark to Norway this summer!

Gnist will take place July 2 to 9 2022 in Forsand, Sandnes kommune, on the west coast of Norway. The closest airport is Stavanger airport Sola. There are also trains and ferries to Stavanger. From Stavanger city centre and Sola airport there will be transport organised by the jamboree to get to the campsite.

If you have any questions, please contact gnist.guest@kmspeider.no.

Photo: Dave Bird

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Please contact gnist.kommunikasjon@kmspeider.no if you have any questions.